Launch of 24 Hour Winter Respite Service

for Homeless People at 705 Progress Avenue Scarborough, ON

on November 15, 2017 at 12:30pm

Service operating from November 15 2017 - April 15 2018


Micro Loan Programmes

Warden Woods in partnership with ACCESS Community Capital Fund, a Canadian Registered Charity, is helping small and emerging businesses in Southwest Scarborough (Ontario, Canada) to access capital by providing loans of up to $5,000. By granting small loans to local entrepreneurs, Warden Woods is contributing to the community as a whole -- helping more people to become self-sufficient through entrepreneurship.


Access Community Capital Fund helps individuals without collateral or credit history obtain an affordable loan to improve their standard of living through entrepreneurship. Access is a Canadian registered charity granting micro-loans where the abilities skills and commitment of the applicant in conjunction with the strength of the business plan are key decision criteria.


Applicants to the Micro-Loan Programme should meet the following requirements:

• Be a resident of the Warden Woods community – South of Eglinton Ave, East of Victoria Park Ave,

  North of Kingston Road and West of Birchmount Road

• Possess a viable business plan

• Have previously experience obstacles in obtaining loans from a bank

• Report business progress to a volunteer loan officer of the Micro-Loan Programme

• Be approved for a loan by the Loan Review Committee


We particularly encourage the submission of loan applications that support the startup and/or expansion of small business. Upon successful repayment of the initial loan, borrowers  are eligible to apply for larger loans to support an expansion of their business operation.


Loan Application Form    Micro Loans Programme flyer

Mini Micro Loan flyer    Mini Micro Loan Application Form


For more information about our partners please visit


Loan Review Committee Member-Position description


Loan Review Committee Volunteer Application Form


Contact Lesley, Community Development Assistant at 416-694-1138 ext 124 or

Warden Woods Community Centre Main Office - 74 Firvalley Court, Scarborough, ON M1L 1N9

Tel. 416-694-1138  Fax.  416-694-1161 Email.

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